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Journey into Worship:



For use in primary school class collective worship, whole school collective worship or Sunday Groups

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Puppets and Parables:

For use in the primary school classroom, collective worship or church Sunday Groups.

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The Parable of the Talents

Charlie is encouraged to use his own abilities




The Rich Farmer

Does Charlie’s greedy sister eat all the sweets?




The Amazing Pearl

Can Jezza find something worthwhile to swap for the prized card?




The Midnight Visitor

The last bus




The Unforgiving Servant

A broken game-boy




The House on the Rock

How did Mina win the sandcastle competition




The Great Feast

Too many excuses




The Prodigal Son

Charlie and Uncle Sam work it out




The Lost Sheep

How Titch got lost at the zoo




The Good Samaritan

Basher bates is a local hero






Illustrations taken from Stories Jesus Told ©1994 by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. 

Reproduced with permission of Candle Books/Lion Hudson plc.

©Hand to Mouth.  All rights reserved.  No unauthorised reproduction, copying, hiring or lending